Barbie fashion games

Fashion Barbie superhost

Barbie is host in an intersting fashion show. Change her clothes, makeup and hair before camerawork starts.

Barbie vogue

Barbie is on the cover of new Vogue! Help her impress devoted readers of Vogue. Let's try some new clothes!

Barbie vet clinic

She takes good care of animals, but she also invests time to look good. Help her with choosing an outfit.

Barbie fashion show

You are on of the participiants of the fashion show. You possess a good charisma but work more on your outfits. Be versatile and creative.

Nerd Barbie dress up

Barbie has to be stylish while studying! Change her hair and clothes in some cute and chick outfits. Watch the final look and help her study better.

Moonlight prom

The important night has come. Help this girl to choose some amazing outfits. Make her sparkle in moonlight.

Elegant Barbie wedding

Wedding is the most important day in girls' life. Pick out some interesting outfits. Stay classy and chic!

Disney princess

Have you ever starred in a cartoon? Choose your favorite disney princess and change her look from scratch.

Barbies date with Ken

Barbie has to make a great first impression! Dress her up to be stunning. Make Ken fall in love.

Barbie emo hairs

Barbie wants to change her appearance. Transform her in a emo princess. Find the perfect emo hairstyle.

Barbie beauty salon

Why did Barbie neglect her appearance? Luckily, she came in good hands in your newly opened beauty salon. Help her shine again!

Barbie and Ellie Road Trip

Prepare these two besties for an amazing road trip. Make them glamorous. Change their make-up and clothes.

Barbie flower girl dresses

Show us a perfect, spring, floral look. Mix colors, styles and patterns.

Barbie farm girl

I have to do some farm work, but I don't know what to wear. Help me pick out some cute clothes.

Barbie dress up

So many options in colors and styles... Long hair or short? Jeans or dresses? Flat shoes or heels?

Barbie Fancy Fashion

I made it on the front page of Star Sue! Be my fashion stylist and give me some fancy clothes. I'm the next top model.

Barbie in Podium

Catwalk is my dream come true! Everybody will be looking at me so choose some extra beautiful clothes for me.

Real Barbie 2

I just want to go on a casual walk around the neighbourhood. Dress me up in something cute and preppy!

Barbie MakeOver 5

I need a makeover ASAP! Be creative. I want to look like a true fashionista.

Pop Star Barbie

I'm going on a world tour with my new album. I want to look cute and chic. I own it!

Sporty Barbie

I have to tone up my body, summer is coming! However, I want to still look glamorous while I exercise.

Barbie stylin

I heard you're the best stylist for hair in the whole city. Do something different with my hair.

Barbie style salon

You opened a new beauty salon. Customers want to look like their icons on pictures. Help them!

Barbie in Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving day! Barbie wants to dress in some cute, festive clothes with fun and colorful makeup.

Barbie back to school

New school year is approaching! But I'm in big dilemma what to wear. Would you be so kind and help me?

Barbie a fashion fairytale

I want to look like a true fairy. Dazzling and sparkly! Shower me with new clothes and makeup!

Barbie a fairy secret

During the day, I'm just an ordinary girl. But when night comes - I change into a mysterious fairy princess. Hop in my secret world!

A mermaid tale

Living under the sea surface has never been so much fun! Dress Barbie into some special outfit so she can swim better.

Royal Barbie

Your Highness only asks for royal treatment. Give it to her! At the end of the day, only tiara is missing to complete the look.

Indian Barbie girl

Let's do the bellydance with me! I want to turn heads in Bollywood. Just click on the game to see how a sari is comfortable.

Barbie in royal gowns

This is the Barbie of Beautyland. She's going to a formal convention where there will be present all other royal families. Let this Barbie shine in her glamorous dresses!

Barbie in halloween

I want a really great costume so nobody can recognize me! I want to scare Ken and see his reaction.

Barbie in folk dresses

I'm going to a medieval theme party! Choose for me a perfect dress, matching shoes and makeup!

Barbie dressup makeover

Barbie is really bored with her plain look. Help her out to change her hair, makeup and clothes. She's confused and doesn't know what lipstick color is good for her.

Barbie dancing ballet

Barbie is a famous ballerina. You're her fashion stylist. Before she goes out on stage, consult with her and dress her up.

Barbie blue

My favorite color is blue! Navy, minty, turquoise... you name it! Match my makeup and hairstyle with my favorite color. is a place where you can play many free Barbie dress up and make up games. Choose the best fashion, royal, halloween, Indian, dancing or folk outfit, choose your Barbie's best hair type, eyebrows type, make her up, put some lipstick bracelets and let your Barbie shine!
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